Lessor application

Welcome to the Locnest Rent & Damage Guarantee (RDG) Application!

You will need to complete the following to successfully receive your RDG:

  1. You must be a landlord to start the RDG Application. If you are a tenant, please request your landlord to start the RDG application.
  2. Landlord starts the RDG application, fills in the required fields, and submits the application.
  3. Once the RDG application has been submitted, the tenant will receive an email to complete the application.
  4. The first step for the tenant is to complete a Background, Identity, and Credit Check (BIC). You can request the tenant to complete the BIC before submitting the RDG application to expediate the process. The tenant can apply here: bic.locnest.com.
  5. Once the tenant successfully completes the BIC, the tenant continues to complete the RDG application and submits it to Locnest for review.
  6. Locnest will adjudicate the application and will let both parties know if the application is approved, declined, or requires further review. If approved, the tenant will pay for the rental guarantee and both parties will receive the RDG certificate.